Saturday, November 13, 2010

$1.89 Containers

I saw these containers at Pier 1 but they were a little more that I was willing to spend.
The next week I was at Salvation Army and saw some old pretty ugly flour, sugar, and tea glass containers. And it must of been my lucky day because they were half off. So the grand total was $1.89.
So with a little bit of Chalkboard paint for the label and white paint for the lids...
Next I printed out the words "Pencils," "Markers," and "Crayons". I turned the paper over and colored chalk over the area that was printed on. Then I turned the paper back over to the side that was printed on and carefully placed the paper on the chalkboard labels and traced the words with a pencil.

And here is the end result. My $1.89 jars of joy.  Now if I can just keep my daughter from touching the labels.